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Northern Colorado Grassroots (NCGR) is a team of mountain bikers based out of Fort Collins, Colorado who like to have a good time and love riding bikes. We like to race our bikes, be good stewards of the trails, give back to the community, and be all around good advocates for the sport of mountain biking.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A busy sunday on the Fort Collins trails

Well it was another great day in Fort Collins and lots of people were out on the trails today.  I took a nice long ride from Pineridge down to Reservoir Ridge and then back again.  Everyone on the trail was very nice and lots of hikers pulled off the trail before I had a chance to pull of for them, thanks.  I came across some deer along the Foothills trail just south of Reservoir Ridge and what I think was an Osprey along shoreline (check out the video below!).  I also came across some riders including NCGR's own JJ, Meredith Miller, and a gentleman who turned out to be from the Wyoming State Parks.  He apparently designed and help build the Curt Gowdy trail system and told me that he is currently working on a trail system at Glendo State Park that will "blow Curt Gowdy out of the water".  Sounds pretty exciting!  He hopes that the trail system will be finished by the end of this summer and is looking for some volunteer crews to help.  The park is about a 2.5 hr drive up I-25 from Fort Collins.
Hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather this weekend and didn't get stuck watching basketball the entire time!

Ride on!

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