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Northern Colorado Grassroots (NCGR) is a team of mountain bikers based out of Fort Collins, Colorado who like to have a good time and love riding bikes. We like to race our bikes, be good stewards of the trails, give back to the community, and be all around good advocates for the sport of mountain biking.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Single Speed USA 2011!

For those out there who prefer one f'n speed, this is for you!  Single Speed USA 2011 is being held in the Boulder area.  The event is going down July 3-5.  Registration is open and completed by creating some kind of inspirational work of art, sending 35 bones to Dirt Bag Racing, and then actually showing up.  Here is the registration info!  I would love to ride but seeing as how I don't own a SS I probably won't be there...
There are sure to be some fun shenanigans aside from the racing.  Post-race-day events usually determine where the next SS USA race will be!  Maybe Fort Collins..?

Leave some comments if you're interested or already going!

Ride on!

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