Who we are

Northern Colorado Grassroots (NCGR) is a team of mountain bikers based out of Fort Collins, Colorado who like to have a good time and love riding bikes. We like to race our bikes, be good stewards of the trails, give back to the community, and be all around good advocates for the sport of mountain biking.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Overland MTB 40 mile race

As some of you know the Overland MTB club is putting on a 40 mile xc race in Horsetooth MP and Lory on July 9, 2011. Finally we are getting some MTB races in our backyard. The race is in the early stages of planning, not even a name yet. However I do know that the number of racers, at least for this year is going to be kept to a minimum, unofficially I heard 150. I also heard the club is reserving some spots for local riders. I was asked by one of the board members to compile a list of our members that might be interested in racing or volunteering. This could be a way to get some of us in. Let me know asap if you want to race/volunteer and I will send the list over to Overland.
So far I have Doug, Libby, Chris, Toby, Brian, and myself as in.


  1. oops, it's only a 40 mile race. all those free blue paddles....

  2. here's the link http://www.overlandmtb.org/endurancerace